complete cylinder testing
and refurbishment

Gaspack Services provides a complete cylinder testing and refurbishment service at its state of the art facility in Pontypridd, South Wales.

Our Services include:
Hydro Testing
Internal Cleaning
Shot Blasting
Pi Stamping
Ultra Sonic Thickness Testing
Dew-Point Reading
Paint & Metal Spray

Unique Client Area

Gaspack Services Ltd aims to make life as easy as possible for its valued clients and has developed a web enabled client area using innovative data capture methods that is unique to the industry.

Our Services


Gaspack have the facilities to handle all of your testing requirements. We can test cylinders with a test pressure of up to 400bar on our proof testing rig. Gaspack also has a top of the line water jacket testing facility and a bespoke drum testing facility for drums up to 1000 litres.


Gaspack have bespoke equipment specifically designed to clean transportable pressure vessels. We can remove any contamination from the inside or outside of your vessel using a mixture of high pressure hot water and a degreasing detergent. We also have very effective drying equipment to make sure that your vessel is returned with no moisture.


Our shot blasting facilities are second to none. We have a bespoke internal shot blasting machine to make sure that the entire internal surface of your vessel is free from corrosion. We also have an external cylinder shot blasting machine and a shot blasting booth for those larger more difficult items.


We are able to Pi mark certain cylinders to allow them to travel through the EU. The EU Directive 2010/35/EU on transportable pressure equipment requires the use of a special logo to indicate compliance. Vessels which are transported, within the EU, by road, rail, sea or air must be Pi-marked.

Ultra Sonic
Thickness Testing

Our fully certified inspectors have the use of many tools and gauges to aid them in their inspection activities. One of these gauges is the ultrasonic thickness gauge which we can use on the vessel's walls to tell us the exact thickness.


Gaspack have multiple dew point meters that can provide us with a very accurate reading of the moisture level within the refurbished vessel.

Paint and
Metal Spray

Within our spray booth we have the option to spray both paint and liquid Zinc. All of our paints are water based but we offer a single pack coating and a 2 pack coating for a more robust finish.

Unique Client
Login Area

Gaspack Services Ltd aims to make life as easy as possible for its valued clients and has developed a web enabled client area using innovative data capture methods that is unique to the industry. As a registered client of Gaspack, it is possible to login and easily trace all of the information on a client’s cylinder which has been tested at Gaspack.

Our Accreditations


Gaspack Services Ltd is accredited as a Type C body in accordance with the recognised international Standard ISO/IEC 17020:2012 General criteria for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection. Gaspack’s Schedule of accreditation for old pressure receptacles includes:

    BS EN ISO 18119:2018
    BS EN ISO 10460:2018
    BS EN 14876:2007


In accordance with regulation 29 of The Carriage of Dangerous Goods and Use of Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations 2009(as amended).The Secretary of State for Transport has appointed Gaspack Services Ltd to be an Appointed Person for the approval of old pressure receptacles in accordance with regulation 14


Gaspack Services Ltd has been found to conform with the requirements to operate an in-house inspection service in accordance with;;;; and of ADR 2023. Gaspack is authorised to undertake periodic inspection and testing to pressure receptacles marked in accordance with TPED 2010/35/EU

About Us

photo of Gaspack Services Ltd factory in South Wales

Gaspack Services Limited was established in 2006 with the objective of providing a high a quality, complete cylinder testing and refurbishment service to the gas industry. In 2008 Gaspack became an accredited inspection body Approved by UKAS and appointed by the VCA. Over the years Gaspack has continued to grow, evolve, and expand, and in June 2011 Gaspack relocated to larger 2970m2 facility located in Pontypridd, South Wales easily accessible from the M4.

We believe that Gaspack offers a service that is far superior to its competitors. We always aim to give the client exactly what they want. We have a team of highly trained staff that will always go the extra mile to make sure that the end product is as good as it possibly can be. There has been no financial constraints on the acquisition of capital equipment used at our facility and we have sourced the most appropriate and innovative available. Together with our Research and Development partners, we have even built unique bespoke equipment specifically to meet our requirements.

Complete Clear Impartiality

Gaspack Services Limited is a member of the Harp International Group. All inspection activities are undertaken impartially and conflicts of interest do not exist which could adversely influence activities of the inspection body. Gaspack Services Limited act independently and with neutrality to all clients. Gaspack Services Limited's inspection activities are not influenced by commercial, financial or other pressures and it is in the interest of all parties to ensure the safety of all pressure vessels inspected.

Walid Zerguine, Managing Director

To make life as easy as possible for its valued clients, Gaspack has created a unique client area. As a registered client of Gaspack Services, it is possible to login to the client area using the login tab on the website; here it is possible to access all of the information on that clients cylinders tested at Gaspack. A major issue facing the industry is what to do in the situation where a DFT inspection of a vehicle requires an inspection certificate for a specific cylinder. In the past it would be near impossible to locate the certificate for that exact cylinder but Gaspack's technology allows its customers to login to their account, key in the cylinder number and reprint the whole inspection certificate. There is also the facility to set reminders for cylinders future upcoming test due dates. This service is an industry first.


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